Helping people and organisations with IT is my passion. Getting the most out of the combination of people, process and information technology. The more I can help someone, the more energy I get.

More and more is possible with information technology. The possibilities create opportunities for companies. And also threats. How do you maximise the gains and minimise the risks? This is where I help companies.

What are the new developments and how can you make optimal use? What challenges exist in a company and how can IT help out? Connecting technology and entrepreneurship is what I enjoy and what I do for a living.

My background

I am working in IT since 1991. During this period I have been leading many different IT projects. Since the beginning I have been involved with the business side and therefore was asked to participate in various management teams.

Work Experience

Started in 1991 as programmer at Multec in Delft. After 18 months I was put in charge of IT at Multec. This was the beginning of setting up an IT department, I have worked on business processes (sales, quality) and was asked to become a management team member.  In 1996 I made the step to the Brunel International, the holding company of Multec. Here I worked for two years as business controller and participated with the IPO in 1997.

From 2000 until beginning 2016 I had various European CIO/IT manager positions with the DuPont company in the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium and Switzerland. Have been intimately involved in the full breadth of business processes in a multinational company.

Since mid 2016 I am back in the Netherlands as an independant entrepreneur. Hereby I am helping SMEs with general management activities, with implementation projects and with making choices in relation to IT and business.


System development, ISO-9000 certification, IPO, SAP R/3 implementation for 500 users, team consolidation, logistics system migration, three-way matching system development, logistics EDI implementation, digital marketing strategy development, digital marketing tools development, supply chain EDI, collaboration tools (Office 365) for 3000 users.


MSc Electrotechnical Engineering TU Delft
Post-bachelor business management Hogeschool Brabant